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                             About Vaso-Wraps®



Vaso-Wraps® are all about SAFE WARMTH and PROLONGED

    Give the gift of Safe Warmth!

Vaso-Wraps® are FDA Registered Class 1 medical devices with two indications, Safe
Warmth and Limited Protection.

Vaso-Wraps® are made of soft custom quilted nylon that wrap around a limb quickly and
easily with hook and loop.

There are NO electrical wires or heating elements that might burn a person. You can sleep
all night long in your Vaso-Wraps®. They provide moist warmth from insulating the wearer's
body heat.

Vaso-Wraps® may be the only FDA Registered medical device that a physician can
recommend to a patient, especially a patient with diabetes, to safely warm their legs
while they sleep.

There is no need for elastic or ties above the knee which would reduce the wearer's
circulation. There are no buttons, no zippers, no snapping, no laces to tie. Easy On -
Easy Off. It doesn't get any easier. It is easy on - easy off, even in a wheelchair.

Vaso-Wraps® are a very simple, American "reverse innovation."

Vaso-Wraps® are non-invasive and non-pharmacological. That is very important
to some physicians and patients.

Vaso-Wraps® can provide Safe Warmth and Limited Protection to patients who
reside in remote or rural locations where specialized wound care may be many
miles away.

Vaso-Wraps® are being used for many different uses in many different environments.

  Cold Legs
People suffer from cold legs for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason,
Vaso-Wraps® will safely keep your lower legs warm.

No one with cold legs is going to "fight" about wearing Vaso-Wraps® while they sleep.
There isn't very much that a physician or healthcare professional can do or recommend
for cold legs. They aren't fatal so the patient is pretty much on their own.

 Poor Circulation
Please hit the "Safe Vasodilatation" button for more information on how
Vaso-Wraps® may improve poor circulation.

 Leg Cramps or Night Pain
The Safe Warmth that Vaso-Wraps® provides may relax the muscles of a limb to stop or
avoid the pain and stiffness associated with cramping. Many people report quick
relief from pain and cramping so that they can sleep better. They also report
taking less medication for pain or sleep.

The FDA no longer allows the use of quinine for leg cramps. Leg cramps and night pain
are like cold legs, they aren't fatal. So, since the medical world cannot do much about
them anyway, you are on your own.

That excruiating pain is YOUR PAIN. Not anyone else's pain. It only matters to YOU.
...and maybe everyone else in the house that you constantly wake up...

 Limited Protection
It is easy to understand how Vaso-Wraps® provides Limited Protection to the area
where they are worn. The soft custom quilted nylon is like a pad to soften contact.
This can help to prevent an injury. Or, if an injury already exists, Vaso-Wraps® can
provide Limited Protection to avoid the injury worsening.

There are many more reasons that Vaso-Wraps® are being used. Healthcare professionals
discover new uses all the time.

Can safe moist warmth benefit people with arthritis?

If any ailment can benefit from prolonged safe moist warmth, it can benefit from Vaso-Wraps®!

You and/or your physician can make that determination.