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I have had degenerative peripheral neuropathy for 40 years, which was diagnosed as CMT about 10 years ago.  For the  past several years I have had severe lower leg cramps, which have recently gone into the thigh.  Although the cramps are mostly at night, I have had to reconfigure my car for hand controls only.  The severe cramps were occurring about 3 times a week.  I started the leg Vaso-Wraps about a month ago and the leg cramp frequency dropped drastically.  However, I was still getting thigh cramps once or twice a week. I have been using the full Vaso-Wrap for about 2 weeks and I have not had a single severe leg or thigh cramp.  On several occasions I could feel a cramp starting, but it would dissipate on its own.  I don't know of any other reason for the change other than the Vaso-Wrap.  The physical and mental relief from the Vaso-Wrap is immeasurable.

Michael S.   Titusville, NJ


My name is Emma H. I’m 34 years old and pregnant with my second child.  A few weeks ago, I started having leg cramps and this happened every other night, causing me sleepless nights.

My boss and friend Mr. Herb D. told me about a product that could help me to improve this discomfort.  The very next day, I received the Vaso-Wraps, which, I started using it that night.   Since then, I had not have any leg cramps, my sleep has improved 100% and definitely my life is back to normal.

I highly recommend the Vaso-Wrap to anyone that is experiencing leg cramps, especially pregnant woman like me.   This product is easy to use and very comfortable.

Best regards,

Emma H.


Mary S. from Framingham, MA said the following:

"I felt cold and pain in both feet for over 10 years. Advanced Wound Recovery gave me a pair of Vaso-Wraps to stop the pain.

From the day I tried Vaso-Wraps, I got instant relief from the pain.

I sleep better. No more pain. Vaso-Wraps give me comforting warmth. I would recommend them to anyone with cold or painful feet."

*Mary's pain included pain from cramps.
Advanced Wound Recovery is in Wellesley, MA


"I wear Vaso-Wraps(R) and have found them to be very effective in reducing lower extremity cramps. I have experienced cramps in my feet and found that by immediately putting on my Vaso-Wraps(R) that the cramps stopped within 30 minutes. I would recommend Vaso-Wraps(R) for people suffering from leg cramps and cramps in their feet or toes."  

Dr. Tracie Collins