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Leg Cramps


Leg Cramps

Vaso-Wraps® are VERY EFFECTIVE at eliminating leg

The Safe Warmth helps to stop the calf from cramping.

There is little concern in the medical world regarding leg
cramps. They are not fatal. They do not produce lasting effects.

If you are the person suffering from leg cramps, you are on
your own.

Most people don't bother to discuss leg cramps with their
physicians. There isn't much that they can do but tell you to
"exercise, stretch, and take warm baths."


Do you know any women who are pregnant?   
It could be your friend, sister, daughter-in-law, cousin, or co-worker.  Anyone!

Picture this!  She is TRYING to sleep. She already has a TWO YEAR OLD who has more energy than a nuclear submarine. She is exhausted. But she can never get a good night’s rest. She wakes up every night with very painful LEG CRAMPS.

She doesn’t want to take any medication such as pain killers or muscle relaxers to protect her unborn baby. The only thing her doctor has told her to do is take a warm bath before bed which could help her get to sleep but not stay asleep.

Keeping the leg warm is the a key to eliminating LEG CRAMPS.

PLEASE tell her about Vaso-Wraps®. They are FDA registered Class 1 medical devices which are INDICATED for SAFE WARMTH.

Vaso-Wraps® are made of custom quilted nylon and wrap around your lower leg with hook and loop. Velcro. EASY – ON, EASY-OFF in seconds!

There are NO electrical wires or heating elements that might burn a person or start a fire while they sleep.

Vaso-Wraps® are so thickly quilted and comfortable that she can SLEEP in them and keep her legs warm. This Safe Warmth will eliminate Leg Cramps just like a warm bath.

Vaso-Wraps® are EFFECTIVE! They stop LEG CRAMPS!

Vaso-Wraps® are a NON-PHARMACOLOGICAL Solution.     
     This is the most important factor!


Vaso-Wraps® are also beneficial to others with cold legs, leg cramps, night pain or poor circulation such as people with diabetes.


Vaso-Wraps® are available free of charge to eligible veterans at the VA.

Please pass this on to your EMPLOYEE ASSOCIATION, WELLNESS CENTER or WOMEN’S HEALTH GROUP.   They can contact AGP-MEDICAL, LLC for group discounts for Vaso-Wraps®.

Vaso-Wraps® may be eligible for reimbursement from flexible spending accounts, health or medical spending account, etc since they are FDA REGISTERED.