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 mHealth uses mobile devices, usually smart phones, in some
 way to promote the practice of medicine or public health.

 Many organizations are creating mHealth initiatives or partnering
 with others to create mHealth apps.

 Often, these apps use wireless devices to monitor chronic diseases
 or complications indicated by abnormal blood glucose, blood pressure,
 oxygen saturation, and more.

 One positive aspect of some of these apps is that they intend to
 connect patients in remote or rural areas, which may lack specialized
 health care or any health care, with facilities or health care 
staff in
 more urban areas.

 Some apps intend to monitor patients with chronic diseases and inform
 them of the need to contact physicians and arrange for care due to the
 identification of a serious medical condition.

 What most of these apps currently lack is a method of treatment.

 If a patient in a remote or rural location discovers an ischemic diabetic
 ulcer on their foot using an mHealth app, what do they do?

 The nearest specialized care might be several hundred miles away.

 It is well known that many times these patients lack the transportation,
 the ability to miss work, the child care, or cannot afford the travel and
 lodging that may be required to obtain treatment at specialized wound
 care facilities in a more urban area. 

 Mobile treatment, mTreatment, will be the next step in the evolution of 

 Vaso-Wraps® provide the next step in mHealth.

 Vaso-Wraps® can be mailed anywhere in the US. Patients in remote
 and rural areas can receive the SAFE VASODILATATION that many
 patients in urban areas do not currently receive. This includes
 patients in homeless shelters and low income areas often ignored
 by mainstream health care.

 AGP-MEDICAL, LLC. will not wait for mHealth to evolve. The mTreatment,
 mobile treatment, of patients who are using their mobile devices to 
 improve their chronic conditions must begin NOW.

 AGP-MEDICAL, LLC. seeks collaboration with mHealth companies,
 self insured employers, mobile phone carriers, federal agencies, state
 agencies and others to provide SAFE VASODILATATION to patients,
 especially diabetic patients.