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Vaso-Wraps® can benefit many people for many reasons.

However, AGP-MEDICAL, LLC. is focusing on one very specific situation. We want
to have a discussion with who pays for ischemic diabetic ulcers. 


Ischemic diabetic ulcers are a very common complication associated with diabetes.

Eighty-five percent of lower extremity amputations in the US are preceded by
ischemic diabetic ulcers.

If you search the web, you can find estimates for the cost of treating ischemic
diabetic ulcers. It is often quoted at approximately $8,000. That is, if the ulcer
is not complicated.

If it is complicated by infection or tunneling, the cost to treat can average $17,000.

If the ulcer cannot be treated to the point of healing, it can require an amputation,
which for a major lower extremity amputation can average $50,000 or $60,000.

Vaso-Wraps® have successfully avoided two lower extremity amputations at the
VA in West Haven, CT. Both patients had non-healing ischemic diabetic uclers.

One amputation would have been minor, a toe. The other amputation would have
been major, a left foot mid-dorsum.

The Safe Warmth of Vaso-Wraps® produces SAFE VASODILATATION which helps
to increase blood flow or circulation in the area where it is worn. (Please go to the
page "Safe Vasodilatation" by hitting the button on the left side of this page for more

Statistically, if a person has an ischemic diabetic ulcer and heals properly, there is a
50% chance that they will have another one within 18 months.

That is because nothing has changed physiologically with the patient. They still have poor

If a patient continues to wear Vaso-Wraps®, the Safe Warmth will continue to provide
Safe Vasodilatation. Hopefully, improved circulation will reduce the ischemia that causes
the ulcers.

Vaso-Wraps® cost approximately $100 a pair including shipping. You can buy 80 pairs
for the amount of money saved by avoiding one ischemic diabetic ulcer.

The VA saved about $50,000 to $70,000 on the two veterans who avoided amputations.
Of course, the VA pays less per pair than the retail price. They saved almost enough
for 1000 pairs.

For Payers, it is more of a savings than a cost to provide Vaso-Wraps® to your members,
your insured, or your employees.

Do the math. The savings will begin to "snowball."

What if you think only in terms of diabetics over the age of 50 or 45?

Then the question becomes, "Who has diabetes that statistically will not benefit
and save healthcare costs from Vaso-Wraps®?"