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                         Wound Care Anywhere!™

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As most professionals in Wound Care know, keeping certain wounds moist, warm
and protected is vital in the healing process.Vaso-Wraps® will provide moist
warmth to the wound biosphere.

Ask your wound care specialist if "moist warmth" would be beneficial to an injury
that is not healing properly. This moist warmth can safely be applied during your normal
daily activities and while you sleep.

In some cases, moist warmth is the OPTIMAL environment for healing.

If the wound is infected, like the large toe above, Vaso-Wraps® may improve delivery
of oral antibiotics to the infected area by improving the circulation with Prolonged Safe
Vasodilatation. Although infected to the bone, this toe was NOT AMPUTATED even though
initially the amputation was expected.

One of the most important features of Vaso-Wraps® is that they can be
mailed anywhere in the US. Now, patients in remote and rural locations, who
may not have access to specialized wound care, can benefit from Vaso-Wraps®.

The white material on the inside of most Vaso-Wraps® is designed to increase the
probability of a patient, or their caregiver, noticing any blood, pus, or discharge that may
occur as a result of injury.

This is very beneficial to home care patients, especially those who live alone, so that they
may contact their physician immediately.

 Vaso-Wraps® are not intended to be worn directly against an open wound or injury.